Use 10% of Your Brain?

In this excellent video from TedEd, Richard Cytowic addresses the myth that we only use 10% of our brains, explaining how this myth started, why it is perpetuated and most importantly, why it’s wrong.

Was Hans really Clever?

Here’s a good video summary of the case of Clever Hans and how Oskar Pfungst was able to figure out that Wilhelm von Osten was inadvertently signaling answers to Hans. And even though Hans wasn’t actually doing mathematics, he was certainly clever enough to notice these cues.  

Debunking Therapeutic Touch

In another great clip from Penn and Teller we see how Emily Rosa’s simple experiment helped to debunk the practitioners of Therapeutic Touch. It can be surprising just how quickly these types of interventions become popular and in some cases are even adopted by the medical community without sufficient evidence and rigorous testing.