Looking to avoid an overpriced 900 page textbook but don’t want to settle for a boring review book?

I know how you feel.

When teaching introductory psychology, the most common problem I observed was that textbooks had too much information, while review books had too little (lots of definitions but little explanation or context). 

It seemed ridiculous that the books intended to introduce a subject were 900 pages long, filled with cartoons and random trivia, and came bundled with unwanted online resources and workbooks (unable to be resold, naturally). It seemed clear to me that textbooks were designed to satisfy the needs of publishing companies rather than the needs of learners like you.

So I decided to do the reasonable thing; create a book truly designed to introduce the field of psychology. I researched thousands of pages of textbooks, review guides, books by leading researchers, and journal articles to give you a comprehensive overview of psychology’s past, present, and potential future. For a fraction of the price of a traditional textbook, you can learn all of the most important concepts in psychology without being forced to wade through distracting sidebars, irrelevant images, and inconsequential comics.

The Complete Edition (all 16 units)

Master Introductory Psychology: Complete Edition

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The Series

In addition to the complete edition, Master Introductory Psychology can be purchased as a series of 4 books in print or ebook format. You can start learning with the ebook of Volume 1 for just $3.99!



Volume 1 of this series covers the history and approaches of psychology, research methods, biology, and sensation & perception.

Volume 2 covers learning theory, memory, language & cognition, and states of consciousness.

Volume 3 covers intelligence, personality, emotion & motivation, and development.

Volume 4 covers social psychology, stress & health, psychological disorders, and treatment.

Master Introductory Psychology provides high-quality content at a significantly lower price and this is my way of fighting back against the price-gouging of the textbook industry. I can’t tackle this problem alone. Purchases by people like you provide the necessary support for affordable educational alternatives and for this I thank you. I wish you the best in learning psychology and I’m always available to answer any questions you have!

~Michael Corayer


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