Mike CorayerHi!

I’m Mike Corayer, and I created this site in order to help you learn psychology and prepare for exams. Maybe you have a textbook and you have your notes but you still have questions. Maybe you’re overwhelmed by thousands of new terms, names, and scientific jargon that you can’t seem to keep straight in your head. Or maybe you’ve learned the terms and concepts but you aren’t really sure why they matter and so you still get thrown off during tests. If any of these sound like you, I’m here to help.

While I view exams as potential distractions from the joys of independent learning, discovery, and exploration, I recognize that even the most intrinsically-motivated students want to perform at their best when testing day arrives. I created this site to go beyond the limits of my own classroom and help thousands of people learn more about psychology and perform their best in psychology classes.

About Me

After graduating from Harvard with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, I spent 7 years teaching psychology at an international school in Shanghai, China. I’ve personally helped hundreds of students prepare for psychology exams through my classes as well as through private tutoring. Now I work to help even more students through my book series, Youtube tutorials, Twitter account, and this site. Whether you’re taking a college course, an AP Psychology class, or an IB Psychology class, I can help.

I hope you’ll find the resources on this site to be informative, practical, and most of all, enjoyable. I’d love to hear from you, so feel free to contact me via email: mike(at)psychexamreview.com, or find PsychExamReview on YoutubeTwitter and Facebook and send me a message.

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